About Terrazzo


Terrazzo, an Italian word for “terraces”, was created several hundred years ago in Europe when Venetian workers discovered a new use for discarded marble remnants. Since that time, it has become a logical, practical solution for contemporary design and construction.

Terrazzo is not only enduring, but also one of the most beautiful of all flooring products. It has been used in many of the oldest and most celebrated buildings of the Old World, as well as in many of the most modern and beautiful edifices of the present times. The popularity of this enduring and beautiful product, terrazzo, grew as a result of the rapid growth in the construction industry.

When white Portland cement was introduced into this industry, it expanded the horizon of Terrazzo colors with the mineral color pigment additives. Now the spectrum of color for Terrazzo was unlimited. Numerous chemical companies were developing cleaners and sealers to enhance the beauty of Terrazzo.

Terrazzo doesn’t wear out or need to be replaced every few years, and it offers the beauty and the elegance of its marble and granite cousins at one-third the cost.

Terrazzo is easy to clean and maintain because of its smooth seamless application. This makes it ideal for places where sanitary conditions are a must. It is also a good choice for restoration and renovation of buildings through the use of 1/2″ monolithic cement terrazzo and the low weight 1/4″ thinset epoxy terrazzo systems.

Terrazzo has proven itself through history as the sensible choice for floor surfaces that require resistance to heavy abuse, while still retaining beauty and low maintenance costs.

Whether for the rush of thousands of feet with the floor that takes the hurry in an airport or train station, or contemplation and joy in a quiet church, in a school planned for education of our children, or hospital, where footsteps can mean life itself, no other kind of flooring today can create so much beauty with such long range economy. When you build for lasting strength you can also create the lasting beauty of timeless Terrazzo.

Terrazzo is considered by today’s architects and designers to be a contemporary flooring and wall material for interior and exterior use.

Terrazzo is the perfect finish for bathrooms, lobbies, corridors, countertops, logos, or any other surface that must combine beauty and durability.

Cement based terrazzo also may vary in colour due to difference lot of aggregates/cement, humidity, and difference timing in casting.

Any size of quality terrzzo flooring works may takes more than 1-2 months for the whole process, whether small or large area. Please keep in mind that quality does not come with shortcuts.