ROUSE terrazzo table collection

DEWA&DEWI Project 2021
Brand: TRC
Design: Thinkk Studio
Production: Thamrongchai Co., Ltd.

TRC is a brand of terrazzo product from Thamrongchai Company Limited which has been a leader
in the business of terrazzo and sandwash for more than five decades. We also take
custom orders for hotels, resorts, spas, cafe, residences, as well as other lifestyle functions
for brand continuity.
TRC became aware of the environmental impact of cement and cement products, the main
material in terrazzo and marble render works. Energy cost of cement production alone
accounts for half of the total energy cost of the whole production, and produces almost the
same amount of carbon dioxide as the cement yields—a heavy cost on the environment.
This inspires the idea of reducing waste from terrazzo production by upcycling the leftovers,
creating value and material return while maximising cement usage.

The leftovers terrazzo samples in the factory
The leftovers that usually ending up in landfilling

Terrazzo is highly durable and will last for many years to come. And because they are
made from stone flakes and cement, broken pieces that are beyond repair can be crushed
and can be used to make new terrazzo. Seeing this, hopefully the design and its individual
beauty will communicate to consumers the importance of reusing materials.

Leftovers management: crushed terrazzo samples and mould for unsetted terrazzo leftovers
Solutions for terrazzo scraps

Terrazzo is considered to have its own circular production of sorts. Stone flakes of different
sizes and shapes are mixed and casted into new material, something in which TRC does
best. But the production line also produces residues along the way. These residual flakes
can, of course, be processed with other waste such as cement residues, unsettled mixes,
and unused samples to create a new item. These remnants are beautiful, or made of
special grade materials, which have never been used and will often be disposed of. With
proper management and care, these residues will go on to become unique terrazzo arts
that are difficult to imitate.

Building on an existing customer base, namely architects and designers who use terrazzo
in their construction and decoration projects. The brand’s first product was a piece of
furniture, a table top with individual twists that resulted from production methods and
available residues from the factory. It was produced with a simple but efficient process
that can produce an idiosyncratic piece. Depending on whichever residues are available,
material popularity, and customer demands, this waste management process allows endless
possibilities for future design patterns.
The table top came in three different sizes; targeting dessert shops and café which often
use smaller, more compact tables which are easier to store and deliver. Three different
leg designs are available to choose from as the customer sees fit.