TRC’s Original Terrazzo Products


Size: W30 D33 H40 cm

Weight: 25kg

15,000 Baht/pcs


RF01 Recycled terrazzo chair

Size: W46 D46 H55 cm (seat level H45 cm)

Weight 18kg

40,000 Baht/pcs

RF02 Recycled terrazzo chair

Size: W46 D46 H59 cm (seat level H47 cm)

Weight 23 kg

40,000 Baht/pcs

RO01 Recycled terrazzo coasters set

Size: Ø 8.5×1.5cm, 10x12x1.5cm, 9x18x1.5cm

Weight: 0.9kg/set of 3pcs

3,000 Baht/set of 3pcs

RF03 Recycled terrazzo & tempered glass chair

Size: W46 D66 H100 cm (seat level H45 cm)

Weight: 75 kg

60,000 Baht/pcs

RF04 Recycled terrazzo table

Size: W60 D1200 H75 cm

Weight: 130 kg

85,000 Baht/pcs